Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Top of the Class" - Custom Paint Job & Suspension Mods

Brought to you by the Ghetto. Sorry for the low-res photo, I was too busy trying not to get shot.

This week's "Top of the Class" feature is a Chevrolet Caprice. Based on the side of the car, I'd wager that it belongs to a guy named Tee, and I can also tell you the car must not be too reliable, since he calls it Shit.

This technically isn't a repair, but it's classy enough that I decided to break the rules and throw it up for Top of the Class. Seriously, who puts "TEEZ SHIT" down both sides of their CAR? Really? Enough said.

Oh, and... the car really is purple.

Do you have a photo of a super classy car repair (or modification/upgrade)? If so, send it to me! upshiftblog at gmail dot com. (E-mail formatted this way to avoid spam). Please, only send photos that you own. If you wish to be credited, please let me know in your e-mail, and include your city/state/country! I say "country" because this blog is now being read from many locations in Europe, which is pretty sweet!

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