Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2007 GMC Acadia Long Term Test Update (Part 2)

June 2012
By Ben Aghajanian, UpShift Contributing Editor

Every year, we attend the NCAA lacrosse championships on Memorial Day weekend. This time, it meant a 700-mile marathon drive from Ohio to New England. The Acadia was again chosen for this trip, for the comfort and space detailed in Part One.

Fuel economy for the majority of the trip out came in around 22mpg, which is better than it has been achieving lately but still below the original EPA estimate of 24mpg despite cruising mostly around 70mph. Drivers among the 4 travelers rotated and I spent about 5 of the 11 hours behind the wheel on the drive out.

Driving impressions: I noticed that the range readout on the driver’s information cluster seems to have a mind of its own. At one point I drove at steady highway speeds for about 20 miles and it went from 424 miles to empty to 428 miles to empty…go figure. On the other hand, the average fuel economy displayed seems to be quite close to actual hand calculations.

As I wrote in my first review, this car is seriously comfortable to drive for hundreds of miles. The steering wheel sits at a nice angle and the secondary controls for the stereo and cruise control are backlit, unlike those on my Accord. The mute button is a nice touch as well. The armrests aren’t extra plush but padding is good, better than most cars. The sliding center console fits both shorter and taller drivers well. GMC could’ve used nicer dashboard and door plastics though for a car that stickers over $40,000.