Sunday, September 9, 2012

Automotive Suggestion Service-Basic Idea (subject to revision)

50 words or less:
Most people use cars to get around, so it’s an important purchase. I will come up with a service run primarily via Facebook and Twitter that makes searching for a car more intuitive and much more helpful than using a search engine.

Outside of the largest cities, most people in America depend on cars to get around. I have observed that a large portion of these drivers know very little about their cars, technically speaking, which is totally okay (but disappointing to a gearhead like myself). But, many people buy cars for what they think they need them for, as opposed to what they actually use them for. Some people buy the perfect car for themselves; many do not. If you haul a huge load of wood three times a year, but drive around solo the rest of the time, you’re probably better off buying a small sedan, coupe, or hatchback, rather than a heavy duty pickup truck. (Home Depot rents trucks at really reasonable rates!) Plus, you would gain the added benefit of not being recruited by friends and family to move their stuff all over the place every weekend (this does actually happen).

I’m thinking of using Twitter, Facebook, or both and setting up a service of sorts that allows people to input their actual needs on a car (or what they think they’ll use it for, either could work if some back and forth feedback is allowed initially) and responding to inquiries with my personal suggestions for what they should consider buying. I could perhaps gather info from a test group of people and create categories based on how the early adopters, so to speak, work through the process, to streamline it moving forward.

Yes, you can go on AutoTrader, or eBay Motors, or to a dealer’s website and do a search for “SUVs with a manual transmission (yeah right, except a couple skunkworks Ford Escapes and BMW X5s)”; “Toyota Camrys with less than 40,000 miles”; etc. but this just allows you to search for something you already have in mind. For instance, I helped a friend pick out a car that he probably wouldn’t have considered if I didn’t suggest it. I think this service could help people choose a car that just suits their needs more appropriately, overall, and in the long run that I’m willing to bet they will be happier driving.


  1. I think it's a great idea to introduce car-selection service on Twitter or Facebook, because a lot of people(like myself)have no idea about what kind of cars we should buy and most of the time just bought the car we thought is the best not actually what we needed, with this kind of service you suggested, all I have to d is logging on twitter and ask!

  2. Hey Ben!

    I think this idea definitely has potential. You seem to know a lot about your topic which is always important to someone that is going to "invest" in your idea. I think my favorite part of your idea is that you are hitting the social media websites to help people with their car purchases. Social media is a great way to do this because people are constantly checking their networks.

  3. I think this is a great idea especially for the people that do not know a lot about cars and their performances. The best part of your idea is that you are hitting the social media sites instead of creating your own website like AutoTrader or something. I feel that it is important that you are using social media because people check their Facebook and Twitter pages all the time throughout a day.


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