Sunday, September 16, 2012

Using Excel to Shrink the Pool of Potential Vehicles

I could use Excel as primarily an input/output tool to steer people toward groups of cars that would suit their needs extremely well.  Since there are so many cars on the market today, this would help reduce the number of models to be considered by each person into a manageable number that could be dealt with case-by-case.

Question-Answer system to supplement Excel
For example, we all know gas prices in recent years have gone up considerably. The green movement is also quite popular, especially with younger people that also tend to use social media to communicate.  In addition to Excel, I could set up a question-answer system online that allows customers to ask specific questions about the suggested cars that are generated through the Excel charts. This would give the service a more specified direction and allow personal tastes and preferences to supplement the concrete guidelines that are generated by Excel.

Unrefined diesels? Think again
A common misconception in the United States is that diesel automobiles are smelly, loud, and slow. This seems to be based on the recollection of people who had the experience of driving diesels produced in the 1980s, and diesel technology has, subjectively speaking, probably progressed as much as computer technology since then. Additionally, as many drivers are unhappy that the newest gasoline cars on the road often fall short of their Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gas mileage estimates, this has not been a problem with diesels. Diesels sell like hotcakes in Europe because they are powerful and very fuel efficient. The algorithms for the Excel suggestions and the personal advice dispensed through the Q & A section can reflect the advantages of this to the public.

Used car forum
Another way to possibly benefit customers is to introduce a used-car forum alongside the new car search feature.  A person can easily save thousands of dollars off of depreciation by buying a car that is several years old and gently used vs. buying a brand new one. I did this myself, and so far, it has proven to be a wise decision.  It may be easier to run this through a separate Excel worksheet since it introduces a number of different possibilities to the fold.

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