My name's Nick, and I have an uncontrollable passion for anything related to cars.

For the past several years, I've wanted to start a blog to chronicle my motoring-related adventures, but I never quite found the time. 

In 2010, I finally started UpShift, and I plan on updating it frequently with all kinds of content related to buying, selling, repairing and driving cars of all shapes and sizes.

Thanks for reading! Comments on the posts are encouraged and welcome... except the spam, that's totally not cool.

I’m Ben and my interest in cars definitely does not come from my parents. It may have skipped a generation, as my grandfather was much more of an enthusiast and car buff than my dad. He drove several Electra 225’s during the heyday of Buick, and Cadillac DeVilles for years after that. On second thought, my dad was the one that took me to Saturday night racing at Lorain County Speedway, where we bet on the fastest cars and were entertained by “parking lot drags.” I always encouraged him to run the “Blue Bomber,” a 1991 Plymouth Voyager minivan equipped with the engineering marvel that was the Mitsubishi V6 option. He never did, but the van blew a head gasket a couple years later anyway. 

The first car I have memories riding in was my parents’ 1986, 5-speed Jetta, and just remember thinking  “This is cool!” It stuck.

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